Pastor Mullings Reads THE BOOK ON PRAYER by Rev. Ken Gurley

Follow along in the book or just listen for a 21 day devotional.

Author's Biography:

Rev. Ken Gurley is a native Houstonian who likes to talk about Jesus.

He and his wife, Tessie, have three married children and six grandchildren.  Since 1988, he has served as lead pastor of First Church of Pearland and presently shares the pastoral role with Tyler Walea.  He has filled numerous office and has served on a variety of committees and boards.

His books include Four Tables, Point of Low Points, Worth the Wait, and The Book on Prayer: An Invitation to an Awakening.  He also authored the ten-book series Preaching for a New Millennium and has blogged for the Houston Chronicle.

In addition to his pastoring, writing, and speaking, Bro. Gurley serves as a church revitalization consultant and executive coach.  He does weekday Facebook Live devotions with a prayer emphasis and weekly coaching calls with ministers.

If you are interested in purchasing the book:
The Recentered Life
Week 3, Day 21
Changing the Spiritual Climate
Week 3, Day 20
The Seventh and Forgotten Weapon
Week 3, Day 19
Mind the Gap: Intercession
Week 3, Day 18
Try Tears
Week 3, Day 17
Purified Prayers
Week 3, Day 16
Pray the Name
Week 3, Day 15
Made to Make a Difference
Made to Make a Difference

Heaven's Password
Week 2, Day 14
Prayer is a Four Lane Highway
Week 2, Day 13
Your Prayer is Heard
Week 2, Day 12
How's the Fire?
Week 2, Day 11
The Five Components of Effective Prayer
Week 2, Day 10
Practice the Power of
Two or Three

Week 2, Day 9
When We Pray, Say...
Week 2, Day 8
Made By Him For Him
Week 2, Intro
Living with the Rose
Week 1, Day 7
The Secret Place
Week 1, Day 6
One Magnificent Obsession
Week 1, Day 5
Come to Thy Trysting Place
Week 1, Day 4
Practicing His Presence
Week 1, Day 3
God Awaits Our Voice
Week 1, Day 2
The Walking Voice
Week 1, Day 1
Introduction and Forward