Bishop Ronnie H. & Sis. Laquita Mullings, Bishop and Wife
work: 661.832.6994 Ext.101
Email: [email protected]

Ronnie Mullings is the Bishop of Truth Tabernacle.  He holds a degree in history and theology and is known for his passionate preaching and wise counsel. He was the District Superintendent of the Western District UPCI for 12 years, overseeing more than 150 churches in California and Nevada. He continues to hold leadership positions within the UPCI and is an honorary General Board Member for life. He spends much of his time preaching and teaching at conferences nationwide.

He is the author of the witty and inspirational book, "People are Pitiful...and We're All People."

Laquita Mullings is Bishop Ron Mullings’ wife and partner in ministry.  She is the former elected Director of the District Ladies Ministries for 150 churches.  She is a sought after speaker and a nationally recognized leader of women.