Ladies Ministries

The Ladies Ministries of Truth Tabernacle has various fun and uplifting events throughout the year.
Ladies of Virtue is a branch of the ladies ministry which meets in a different homes each quarter. The meetings are comprised of food and fellowship followed with a special speaker. The fellowship includes lessons and discussions, prayer, victory reports and anointed hearts! Anointed hearts: Hearts cut from material are used to represent a need in someone's life. The cloth is anointed and prayed over. Then, they are given to the person with the need.
Secret Sisters is a fun way to lift up your sister in the Lord through prayer. You can secretly let her know you are thinking about her by leaving her a card, her favorite candy bar with a card, or buying her special little things for her birthday, anniversary or just because!
If you are interested in joining, please complete a profile of yourself and turn it in to one of the coordinators. (Jill Moore and Shanna Underwood)
Watch for the announcements to know when they are drawing or revealing names.
Other ladies events include monthly volleyball games (talent not necessary) in the church Family Center and occassional special events and trips.
Cindy Mullings